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Okay can we just talk about Alex Kingston for a second? She’s flawless. Look at her. Her emotion in this scene was astonishing. This is a woman who has played River Song since the doctor first met her in the library of hell. Yet this amazing woman has me utterly convinced she has no idea who the hell that woman is. She is young and learning. She truly has me believing she is confused and lost to being in a new body, struggling with her brainwashed childhood of needing to kill the doctor, and learning what she truly is. This awesome woman looks so out-of-place in the tardis because she does not even understand it. She will go on to fly the tardis and treat it with more respect than the doctor even does. And yet just thirty minutes ago in the episode, she shot the tardis. Explain to me how a woman can be such an amazing actress that we can see all of her inner struggles when she has already filmed what she will become.

Alex Kingston is a goddess. Enough said. 

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